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Dr. Roger Selbert and the Growth Strategies Group keep you current with trends that affect your business. They identify and analyze long-term trends, and provide near-term implications and applications to their clients. Take advantage of their expertise in one of three ways:

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Research on economic - social - political - technological - demographic - lifestyle - consumer -
business - management - workforce - and marketing trends.

About Roger

Dr. Roger Selbert is Editor & Publisher of Growth Strategies, a monthly newsletter with a 30-year track record of foresight on economic and social trends. Roger is economic analyst for the Consumer Demand Index, a quarterly survey of American households' buying intentions (consumerdemand.com), Senior Fellow at the La Jolla Institute, and a contributing editor to NewGeography.com

A Catalyst and Synthesizer

"I would bring [Dr. Roger Selbert] into any organization that needs a new view of their evolving role in a turbulent, unpredictable future."

Lynn Hinderaker
President, PointForward / WOWBIZ